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We’re Midwestern based and globally-minded, working at the intersection of truth telling, public safety, faith, and public affairs.

The Rehoboth Project supports, coaches and advises organizations, municipalities and individuals seeking to tell their stories, build political and community power.

The Rehoboth Project will engage African American communities in cities across America. In each of these cities, we will hold Justice Revivals that bring together thousands of people for a weekend of inspiration and mobilization. Trained organizers will help pull the events together and then keep participants engaged in advocacy, civic engagement, and leadership development.The key to this proposal is a set of existing relationships with influential black faith leadership. Specifically, pastors or affected community leaders who have congregations and influence, are heads of community organizations or lead faith groups.


The Rehoboth Project is an organization that addresses urban gun violence, fights for democracy and community safety. This project focuses specifically on the African American community and the Diaspora of Africa. It aims to be responsive to the needs, concerns, and issues of a constituency that is often taken for granted or misrepresented.

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